Colecraft Custom Designer©

Colecraft offers thousands of standard commercial furniture solutions across a wide range functions, styles, finishes and price points.  Chances are you will be able to find the right furniture product to meet your requirements from within these popular offerings, but if not, we are happy to customize any of these products to your exact requirements.  We accomplish this through a process unique to Colecraft that we call “Colecraft Custom Designer©”.

What is Colecraft Custom Designer©?

Colecraft Custom Designer© is an exclusive process developed by Colecraft that provides for the simultaneous design, engineering and re-specification of Colecraft Furniture to your requirements.  In many cases this process can be completed while you watch and participate with input via Go-to-Meeting.  Colecraft now provides quick and easy customization of any standard design.  Product size, scale, configuration, materials, finishes and features are all accommodated to your unique requirements.

What Colecraft Product can be designed using Colecraft Custom Designer©?

The Colecraft Custom Designer© process is available for the customization of all categories of Colecraft Furniture.

How do I use Colecraft Custom Designer©?

Step 1: Start with the Colecraft Pre-Designed Solution that best suits your requirements for function, style, scale and features. These can be found in the 2011 Colecraft Price Book or on the web site.  If one of these standard solutions meets your requirements you’re ready to order and don’t need this service.  If you don’t find exactly what you need, the next step is to identify what you would like changed or revised from the standard configuration.

a.        Size change?
b.        Shape and configuration changes?
c.        Material or Finish changes?
d.        Storage and Filing requirements?
e.        Budget Requirement?

Step 2: Call or email Colecraft customer service at 800-622-2777 or  Provide us with the starting model number and a detailed listing of the changes requested.  We will customize the product and promptly send you updated information.  If you would like to participate with the custom designing let us know and we will schedule a Go-to-Meeting session with our designers.  You will be able to watch the design take shape, interact and provide input during the process.

Once the design is complete you will be provided the following via email:

  1. edrawing – this will allow you to take a virtual tour of your product, to rotate and even look at section views of your product.
  2. PDF Drawing – this line drawing provides all critical dimensions and specs for the product.
  3. Quotation – An itemized quotation along with manufacturing lead time, terms and conditions.
  4. Full Color Photo-Realistic Renderings – Can be provided on request, normally within 48 hours of completion of the design. The charge for this is $100 (net) and will be deducted from the price of the product when ordered.

Contact Us for more Information or a Demonstration

If you would like to further discuss this unique design tool or schedule a Go-to-Meeting Demonstration of Colecraft Custom Designer© please call (844) 500-9356 – Option 1 or email Colecraft Customer Service.

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