Sanitizing Colecraft Furniture Surfaces

All Colecraft Products are cleaned and sanitized as part of our final inspection and packaging process. When you receive our furniture it is recommended that you, again, sanitize the furniture before use.  

For sanitizing hard surfaces against the COVID-19 virus the CDC recommends using diluted household bleach solutions (minimum 1/3 cup of bleach for every gallon of water, or a 2% bleach solution) or isopropyl alcohol solution (70% isopropyl). 

Leave sanitization solution on for at least 30 seconds but no longer than 2 minutes. Thoroughly remove the solution from the surface with a clean cloth and warm water.  Please note that these solutions may cause discoloration if left on the surface longer than suggested time or if not removed after sanitizing

The CDC recommendations are outlined in the link below.  Please be advised that we cannot guarantee that some Disinfection Chemicals will not have an adverse effect on the finish.

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