Vendor Guidelines

Dear Vendors and Clients,

With the current state of the company focusing on safety of the employees and associates, we are limiting the number of visitors to the building to essential only. We are promoting to meet with clients and vendors via web-based video or audio conferencing. If there is a need for a client or vendor to come into the building please follow the protocol listed in our return to work policy, and in the statement below.

  • If you are sick stay home. Contact a Colecraft representative and notify of your position.
    • Persistent Dry Cough
    • Sore Throat
    • Fever
    • Shortness of Breath
  • Visitors to the Building
    • All Visitors will report through the man door located near the shipping docks.
      • Visitors are required to bring a face mask and safety glasses with them and must wear both before entering building.
      • Upon entrance, visitor will fill out logbook and questionnaire before entry into building
      • The point of contact will guide the visitor over for either hand washing or hand sanitizer use.
      • Safety Glasses are to remain on while on shop floor and can be removed once inside the office area.
      • All visitors will be required to remain with point of contact, or a Colecraft representative during the visit.
      • Please refrain from common greeting gestures and be respectful of Colecraft employees to ensure a 6-foot distance.

The protocol listed above will be able to provide Colecraft Employees and their families with the utmost security and safety from the COVID-19 virus that is manageable. If other procedures or protocols are needed to be added, we will notify all parties of the changes.

Thank You,

Colecraft Commercial Furnishings

You Can Download This in PDF Format HERE

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