Introducing PARPAN.

Colecraft is your answer to providing the safest way to getting back to business.

Colecraft Commercial Furnishings, a leading manufacturer of high quality custom commercial furniture located in Jamestown NY, has announced the introduction of a major new product initiative designed to help reduce the transmission of COVID 19 in office environments.  The new product includes a line of privacy panels and a line of clear acrylic desktop panels.

Dave Messinger, Colecraft President and CEO states “These product introductions will assist businesses in reconfiguring their offices to comply with guidance and direction provided by health agencies and government officials and will allow employees to return to work in a safer office environment.”

The Panel System Product line called PARPAN will include a standard line of pre-configured work surfaces and divider panels in a variety of sizes and heights.  The product will also be available in custom sizes and finishes to meet a client’s unique requirements if that standard offering is not applicable.

Ben Kozlowski, Colecraft VP of Engineering added, “Our team has designed this entire product line with hard, easily cleanable non-porous surfaces that can be disinfected using the CDC’s cleaning guidelines.”

The second Colecraft Product Introduction called PARPAN DESKTOP PARTITION is a line of clear acrylic desk top panels formed to fit a variety of desk sizes.  Director of Sales Engineering, Burke Baker adds “These acrylic panels will be easily attached to the client’s existing desks and offer added protection from virus transmission in applications where the PARPAN privacy panels are not appropriate.  They will be offered in a range of heights to accommodate a variety of work applications and will also be available in custom sizes to further satisfy all requirements.”

Lastly Colecraft is implementing PARPAN WORKSURFACE OVERLAY.  This is a tempered glass surface that is intended to be laid on more delicate work surfaces such as wood veneers to protect them from the harsh chemicals that will need to be continually used to disinfect those areas.

For more information on this product line Contact or call 716 488 2810 ext. 202

Colecraft Commercial Furnishings provides a broad range of custom commercial furniture including solutions for offices, education, municipalities and courtrooms. 


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